The Berkhamsted Walk

More Details: The Small Print

  • Please wear suitable clothing and footwear and be prepared for changes in weather.
  • When signing in, you will be given a Walk Card, a map and route directions.
  • The routes are waymarked, and there will be check points with refreshments.
  • At the end of your walk please return to where you registered to collect your sponsor form and Walk Certificate, so we know you are not lost. If you are unable to complete the Walk, please stop at a checkpoint from where a lift back to where you registered is available. If you are picked up at a checkpoint by family or friend, please return to where you registered before going home.
  • We ask that you accept personal responsibility for your safety, including when crossing roads and stiles, and for arriving back at your destination! There will be roadside warning notices and "Police Slow" signs, to alert drivers.
  • Follow the Countryside Code: KEEP DOGS ON LEADS, especially near sheep, horses and cows, and in woods. Dogs love pursuing the scent of deer in Ashridge woods, so keep your dog on a lead. Fido can easily get lost!
  • If you are walking on your own, please be aware that in some quiet areas/woods other walkers may be out of hearing/sight.
  • Do not stray off footpaths and keep off planted fields. Grass is a crop!
  • Close gates behind you. They may be keeping animals in, and deer out.
  • No litter please, "Leave only footprints" in the countryside.
  • Give yourself time to enjoy the Walk. 2-3 miles an hour is a typical walking speed. Leave early if you are doing the Challenge Walk, and don't delay en-route.
  • Please join us for refreshments at the Court House after your walk.
  • The Court House will close at 6.00pm.


How to pay in your sponsor money

  • Bring your sponsor money with you to the walk registration; or
  • Return your form (to reclaim gift aid) and your sponsor money by cheque, made payable to The Children’s Society, to the Treasurer using the pre-addressed envelope provided on the day. Phone 07788 148927 in case of difficulties.
  • Please return the sponsor money and form by Friday 14th June 2019.


Justgiving - The easy way

We know that collecting money from your sponsors can take a lot of time. Why not do it the easy way? All you have to do is to open your own web fund raising page using the website

You'll easily end up with a web address such as: (assuming you're called Oscar Hopeful).

You can add a message of thanks, and tell your friends what an enjoyable walk it was. You can even suggest to friends, who you weren't able to contact previously, that they might like to make a donation to The Children's Society, and help you to win a prize for most sponsorship. E-mail, text or 'phone your friends and sponsors and tell them about your fund raising page. They pay in, securely, by credit or debit card to your page. The money goes directly to The Children's Society via the site, with gift aid recovered, if applicable. There's no deduction from the amount paid; The Children's Society receives all your sponsorship money. You have a running total of how much has been collected and who from. You've spared yourself from collecting cash, accounting for it, and sending off a cheque. It's so easy, and already fast changing sponsorship. Please add your web address to your sponsor form in the appropriate box.

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