The Berkhamsted Walk

How to maximise your sponsorship

Your Sponsorship/Donation is the most vital part of the Berkhamsted Walk

The cost of staging the walk is about £4.50 a person plus a lot of work by volunteers. The money that goes directly to the vital work of The Children's Society must come from you, the walker, either by the sponsorship you raise or by personal donation. Without either of these contributions by you the walk becomes simply a pleasurable day out, which of course we want, but it fails to meet the purpose of funding The Children's Society work of giving deprived children a brighter future.

So please help others so much less fortunate by raising as much sponsorship as you can or giving a donation.

  1. Ask everyone you know to sponsor you - the more people you ask, the more money you will raise. Pass your sponsorship forms round family, friends, colleagues.
  2. Try to make sure your first sponsor's pledge is a high one as others will follow suit. Talk about the good cause and how many miles you're going to do. People will be impressed.
  3. Don't be afraid to ask - people will often surprise you with their generosity. If you're embarrassed to ask for money in the office, put up your sponsor form on the notice board and let people fill in their own names (get one generous sponsor to start the ball rolling).
  4. Pre-register to receive up to date information by e-mail.
  5. If your company operates a charity £ for £ matching scheme it's the easiest way of doubling your sponsorship.
  6. Register on the website so friends can donate using their credit cards.
  7. Get everyone who pays tax to tick the Gift Aid box (make sure they fill in their address and post code on the sponsor form) so the Society can reclaim their tax.

Your contribution means such a lot to The Children's Society. There is no registration fee, but please try to raise or donate at least £20.

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